Summary – State of the Industry Retargeting Report – Source: Chango & Digiday

State of the Industry Retargeting Report

Retargeting via mobile devices is an industrywide challenge, but our new study shows digital media buyers are experimenting with paid social exchanges to fill the gap left by cookies.

Our findings have shown:

About 41 % of both brands and agencies said they believe that social exchanges are “key” to retargeting on mobile devices, as these exchanges reach users regardless of whether they are at a desktop or on the go.

In general, advertisers and their agencies are spending more money on paid social. About 38% of buyers are employing Twitter’s Tailored Audiences and 67% are using Facebook’s FBX to reach consumers.

For paid social and mobile retargeting, the size of the agency/brand investment affects expectations, and this is indirectly related to perceived success.

In terms of maturity, more respondents see mobile targeting as soon-to-be mature practice (45%) or still experimental (34%).

17% believe mobile targeting is currently the standard practice.