30 + 2 Best Practices to boost e-commerce conversion rate

Yesterday, in Linkedin, I found a great post about how boost to e-commerce conversion rate by Talia Wolf, CEO & founder at Conversioner. I recommend you read it and also add two practices, in my opinion are very interesting and we should be practiced more often.


In this excellent post, in order to bring more optimizations, I would add two more Best Practices, if Talia will allow me:


Since Google Adwords launched the Retargeting Campaigns and user´s lists in 2012, don´t think over about how it would affect negatively not define a good strategy for this type of campaign because that lack of planning affects the reputation of our brand. In many cases, involves retargeting campaign impact for users who have gone through the home page.

For example, or have shown an interest in a particular product. Later, we are bombarded by the same product, same creativity or message (as experts forget the key benefit of retargeting, customizable message), and even sometimes, having already purchased the product, are bombarded with the same product. Ideally, the website will recommend a complementary product in real time.

Therefore, the key is to implement several things:

1. “Use negative list of users who have purchased” or in other words, subtract the list of users who have bought the global users list, home page or other targets.

2. Customize the message as “user time” search query, comparison, buy, second purchase, claim …

3. Use the correct “Frequency capping” to prevent our users / followers we “hate” the persecution and abusive impact.

Many users, when they searched for something and that something appears after them in “banner” mode on another page think: “The CIA is investigating me” or even “Where is the camera that is watching us?”. It may seem an overreaction but it is real and many of us happened to us.


System recommendations from users who have bought the same product. A very simple example. If I buy a Chrome Cast for TV and find that I need to use also buy an HDMI wire, I will have to look the wire, prices, delivery, shipping and more.

It would be very interesting that I once bought the wire can be recommend to other “potential buyers” Cast Chrome and the HDMI wire. Would be perfect, the page or company, offer me the opportunity to buy both in the same purchase.

This recommendation would improve the user experience of future buyers, reduce bounce rate and increase sales of impulse products.